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Tank Gauging - HANLA IMS

Tank Gauging - HANLA IMS

Do you want to improve your tank management process and ensure accurate measurements and monitoring? Effective tank gauging in industries like oil and gas and petrochemicals is essential for optimizing inventory management, assuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and preventing expensive errors. KDU Group provides advanced Tank Gauging – HANLA IMS to measure and monitor liquid level in storage tanks accurately. Our Expertise and dedication to excellence will help us become your partner in improving the reliability and efficiency of your storage tank operations.

Tank Gauging - HANLA IMS

UnderstandingTank Gauging - HANLA IMS

Tank gauges measure and monitor the liquids’ density, temperature and level in tanks. In industries requiring accurate measurements, it is vital for inventory management, loss prevention and safety.

HANLA IMS, integrated into our Tank Gauging – HANLA IMS Solutions, provides unmatched accuracy and reliability for tank-level measurement. HANLA’s IMS system provides real-time liquid-the-level data using advanced sensor instrumentation. This allows operators to optimize their tank operations and make informed decisions.

Tank Gauging - HANLA IMS Solutions: Empowering Tank Management

We at KDU Group understand the value of accurate tank gauging for maintaining compliance and operational efficiency. Tank Gauging Solutions are designed around the following concepts:

Measurement Precision

Our HANLA IMS Technology ensures accurate liquid level measurement, even under challenging conditions with changing temperatures, pressures and product density. It is essential to maintain inventory accuracy and prevent overfilling or shortages.

Remote monitoring

Our Tank Gauging Solutions feature remote monitor capabilities that allow operators to access real-time data anytime. The hidden visibility allows for proactive decisions, prompt interventions and resource allocation. This improves operational efficiency and reduces costs.

Integrating with Existing Systems

Our tank gauge solutions integrate seamlessly with existing automation and management systems. This ensures compatibility. Our solutions are tailored to your needs and can fit into any infrastructure, whether upgrading an old facility or installing a new one.

Compliance Assurance

Our tank gauge solutions ensure compliance with standards and regulations like API and ASTM. Our systems provide accurate data for measurement and documentation to help operators prove regulatory compliance and prevent costly fines and penalties.

Partnering with Success: The KDU Advantage

KDU Group is a partner you can trust to help you succeed. Why choose KDU Group?


Experience and Expertise: With many years in the Tank Gauging – HANLA IMS industry, KDU Group has the skills and knowledge to provide reliable solutions that meet performance standards and comply with regulations.

Innovative technology: Our tank gauge solutions utilize cutting-edge HANLA Technology, which offers unmatched accuracy and reliability in liquid level measurement.



A Customer-Centric Attitude: We put your satisfaction first. Our team works closely with you to fully understand your goals and needs. We provide personalized service and solutions at every stage.

Local support and global reach: With our network of affiliates and partners worldwide, we can provide services and resources that will meet your Tank Gauging requirements wherever they may be. You can rely on KDU Group for reliable service and support, operating locally, globally or regionally.


Seamless integration: Integrating Tank Gauging - HANLA IMS System with Existing Infrastructure

KDU Group understands the importance of seamless implementation regarding tank gauging systems. Our Tank Gauging – HANLA IMS System is designed to integrate seamlessly into the infrastructure. This ensures compatibility and minimizes disruption to operations. Our solutions are compatible with both legacy and modern automation systems. Our systems can communicate with various devices, such as PLCs and SCADA systems. This integration allows for centralized control and monitoring of tank operations. Workflows are streamlined, and resources are allocated more efficiently. KDU Group offers a seamless integration solution enabling you to upgrade tank gauge capabilities without replacing your current infrastructure. This ensures a smooth and quick transition and maximum returns on your investment.

We ensure that your radio equipment complies with all statutory requirements, from SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) to IMO guidelines. KDU Group is a partner that will protect your operation from regulatory penalties and give you peace of mind knowing your vessel’s compliance and readiness to face future regulatory challenges.

Enhance Safety Measures: Ensure Operational Security with KDU Group Tank Gauging Solutions

In any industrial setting, safety is crucial. This is especially true when it comes to managing dangerous materials in tanks. Tank Gauging Solutions from KDU Group, based on HANLA IMS Technology, have been designed to improve operational safety and reduce the likelihood of incidents or accidents. Our system provides real-time tank-level monitoring, which allows operators to identify potential spills and leaks before they become serious safety risks. Our solutions also include advanced safety features such as emergency alarms and automatic shutoff valves to help with rapid response in an emergency. Implementing KDU Group’s Tank Gauging Solutions will help you create a safe work environment, safeguard your valuable assets and show your commitment to compliance and safety.

The days of dealing with old radio equipment, which hinders safety and productivity, are over. KDU Group can help you unlock your communications systems’ full potential and ensure seamless connectivity over the oceans. Our tailored solutions will take your communication to new levels, whether by optimizing antenna settings, tuning frequency settings or adding digital features.

Tank Gauging - HANLA IMS
Tank Gauging - HANLA IMS

Leveraging real-time tank data for informed decision-making

Access to real-time data is crucial in today’s world of big data. It allows you to make informed decisions and optimize your operations. KDU Group’s Tank Gauging – HANLA IMS Solutions offer valuable insight into tank operations and enable data-driven decisions. Our systems allow you to monitor critical parameters, like tank level, temperature and density, in real-time. This will allow you to identify patterns and trends impacting your operation. Using this data in real-time, you can proactively resolve issues, improve resource allocation and increase efficiency. Our solutions also offer sophisticated analytics and reporting, which allows you to create custom reports, monitor performance metrics and meet regulatory requirements. KDU Group’s Tank Gauging Solutions will enable you to harness real-time data for continuous improvement in tank management.

Our surveys go beyond simple compliance checks. We delve deep into your radio equipment’s intricacies to discover vulnerabilities or performance problems. We ensure the reliability and integrity of your communications systems by analysing signal strengths, implementing interference mitigation techniques and assessing their performance. With KDU Group at your side, you can be confident that your vessel will have robust radio solutions. Safety is our top priority.

KDU Group and KDU Partner for Optimal Tank Management

Do not settle for subpar tank gauges and compromise reliability or accuracy. KDU Group can help you unlock efficiency, reliability and performance for your tank operation. Contact us today to learn more about tank gauging and take your first steps towards optimizing your tank management process. You can rely on KDU Group to ensure your tank operation’s accuracy, compliance and reliability now and into the future.

To learn more about Radio Survey and VDR APT Services & to take the first steps towards a safer and more efficient operation at sea, contact us today. Let’s set a path to success together.