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Green Ship Solutions


Environmental management system (EMS) has been widely recognized as an important factor in their business models by many vessel owners these days and with the international Maritime Organisation (IMO) expanding further into the subject with its approved guidelines and imposed taxes/fines to reduce these environmental impacts by a vessel, the demand for an eco-friendly vessel is rising. The introduction of eco-friendly vessels is necessary in order to meet the environmental regulations of international ports and ports in developed countries. The shipbuilding and shipping industry is taking the lead in building eco-friendly vessels that reduce:

  • Fuel consumption – thereby maximizes fuel efficiency as well as reduces operational cost.
  • mission of toxic substances – with increasing international trade volume, aggravating global warming and climate change issues, reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants has become a critical concern in the international shipping community.
  • The negative impact of ship ballast on water organisms – and transfer of harmful aquatic organisms in ballast water carried by ships – thus protecting the marine environment from bio-invasions.

Playing our part in the call for global action in the Strategic Development Goals established by the United Nations, we are determined to propagate products and solutions that preserve life below water and reduce Marine pollution. With our range of Green Ship Solutions, we thrive to offer the Maritime industry fuel efficient monitoring systems, Ballast Water treatment Systems and Ship Exhaust Gas Treatment Systems to achieve the goals set towards a cleaner aquatic life.

Green Ship Solutions Products

KDU Group introduces three major solutions, developed in line with the IMO regulations to help your vessel attain the green ship status:

Process & Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator

The real time process flow control systems used in the storage and transfer of potentially hazardous bulk liquid from shore to ship and vice versa. Capable of training for full range of situations from routine operations to emergencies with catastrophic possibility.

Crane & Fishing Simulators

The Crane Simulators provide a realistic reproduction of the visual, behavioral, and operational of various crane types while making the operation of the simulator extremely simple and intuitive for trainees and instructors.

Offshore Simulators

Our Offshore simulator Suite is a group of simulator products that cater to the particular challenges of training, competency assessment and skills development in the offshore energy industry. The Offshore products can be deployed to fulfil a variety of roles including induction training, skills development, competency assessment, operator screening, orientation, mission rehearsal, operational resource management, emergencies, and crisis management.

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