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Technology has constantly pursued the change of future to a better dawn, every aspect of technical advances has been associated with innovative and superior products.
KDU Group has speared ahead of competition to establish itself as amongst the leading solutions provider of Electrical, Automation, Navigation and Communication for Marine, Offshore and Industrial segments. Since its inception in 2005, KDU has catered its solutions to many complexities and veracity of Electrical, Automation, Navigation and Communication services for Marine industry.

KDU owns a comprehensive setup of Warehouse and Production Unit in one of the economically thriving states of Dubai and Sharjah. Our Facilities at these units include.

Warehouse Division

Workshops (Automation, Navigation, Communication)
Production Unit

Business Activities

KDU has its ideologies strongly firmed towards providing turnkey solutions at a minimum delivery time with efficient products and solutions. Our invincible discipline in the field of our services have been appreciated and adopted by our partners and competitors in every aspect.

  • Multidisciplinary marine services
  • Tailored solutions meeting customer requirements
  • Representing major manufacturers
  • Provide turnkey solutions with project management

We commit to our delivery timelines in the best interest of our clients and partners.
Our Associations with world class suppliers of Electrical, Automation, Navigation and Communication solutions have helped our clients with hassle free procurement of products under the trust of our Brand associations.

Business Concepts


  • KDU believes in providing Quality and trusted services to its clients.
  • We focus towards customer expectations innovatively and efficiently.
  • KDU intends to lead by example through its solutions and services.


  • Our endeavor has constantly been towards contributing to the technology advancements and help end users get the deserved choice of committed and quality solutions.
  • Our processes and expertise are focused towards our client needs at all stages of our implementation.

Our Team

We are a team of efficient and dedicated individuals working as a unit to deliver proficiency to our clients in their requirements. KDU ensures to equip its team with the latest of technology and information so as to enhance the level of services we offer without any compromises.

  • Worldwide Connection to Procurement and Delivery on site.
  • 24/7 Service availability with no exceptions to time and location of service
  • Highly skilled and Equipped Team of trained Marine Service Engineers
  • Assured first time fixes for all our services.
  • Onsite / Offshore services.

QHSE Policy

  • Quality is the motto to any successful implementation be it of any genre, KDU believes in this adage and commits to follow high quality of services to any dimension of work that we undertake.
  • Health and Safety are the most important attributes to our conduct and processes, we at KDU ensure that all implementations follow an approved sequence of tasks and procedures to ensure the safety of our engineers and end users.
  • KDU values the integrity of this planet and practices highly of efficient and environment friendly processes and products to keep our home planet clean and safe for our future generations.


KDU has its motivations built on standards and principles defined by our Industry genre, we respect and believe in following and adhering to them at all times.

  • KDU has its process clearly defined and adhering to the listed standards of our industry.
  • We Audit our implementation processes and practices regularly.
  • We take pride to mention that ABS, KDU’s in house QHSE Management System has been certified as ISO 9001:2008.
  • BUREAU VERITAS mode II certified for Workshops.