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Dynamic Positioning System

Dynamic Positioning System

Dynamic Positioning (DP) is a vessel capability provided via an integration of a variety of individual systems and functions. A computer control system automatically maintains a vessel's position and heading by using her own propellers and thrusters. The main components of any DP system are the positioning system, the DP computer and the thrusters. The positioning system, usually a GPS, monitors the position of the vessel. When the vessel moves off the intended position, the DP computer will calculate the required thrust which will then be applied by the thrusters in order to maintain the position of the vessel. KDU Group delivers full scope for any DP Conversion of non-DP Vessel to DP3, including upgradation of Switchboard with PMS, Thruster Control System, Alarm Monitoring System and Position Reference System.


A seagoing vessel is subjected to forces from wind, waves and current as well as from forces generated by the propulsion system. The vessel's response to these forces, i.e., its changes in position, heading and speed, is measured by the position-reference systems, the gyrocompass and the vertical reference sensors. Reference systems readings are corrected for roll and pitch using readings from the vertical reference sensors. Wind speed and direction are measured by the wind sensors. The DP control system calculates the forces that the thrusters must produce in order to control the vessel's motion in three degrees of freedom – surge, sway and yaw – in the horizontal plane.

KDU work scope includes:


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