VoyageMaster IV VDR

VoyageMaster IV VDR

A compact and rugged Voyage Data Recording system that continously records vital vessel operation information

The fourth generation VoyageMaster IV Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) meets the critical demands of your requirements in a challenging marine environment. Similar to the ‘black boxes’ carried on aircraft, the VDR aids investigators in securing evidence, and the prevention of future incidents, by reviewing all activity leading up to and following an incident. The VDR is capable of withstanding heavy weather, collisions, fire and immersion in several metres of water. The VDR collects data from all interfaced sensors on board the vessel, storing it in an external Data Recording Unit (DRU) that provides vital information for investigation.

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VoyageMaster IV VDR is a robust and compact system that offers dependable performance and unique flexibility. The new Software Advanced Protection (SWAP) technology ensures that all system software and customised configuration, as well as programming data, is automatically recorded on a hot-swappable memory card to provide rapid and cost-effective data transfer if service or repair is ever required.
The VoyageMaster IV VDR provides many important benefits, including:

  • High performance
  • Unique versatility
  • Cost-effective service or repair
  • Type-approved performance
  • Annual performance tests
  • Reliability and durability
  • Full support

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