VisionMaster SeaGuard

VisionMaster SeaGuard

VisionMaster SeaGuard

VisionMaster SeaGuard is the first commercial radar to instantly detect small targets in all conditions. Based on solid-state technology, it offers the highest levels of precision and resilience to significantly improve your situational awareness.Its unique multi-beam operation with high resolution, high definition performance and advanced clutter reduction is purposely designed to detect people in the water, small craft in congested seas or potential threats in piracy-prone areas. And operators can choose different user profiles for different scenarios to help improve efficiency further.The radar’s unique real-time automatic tracking capability provides an instant update on target positions – crucial when small craft are moving and changing course much more rapidly.

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VisionMaster SeaGuard successfully detects small targets with a very high probability – even in heavy rain and high sea states – to deliver improvements in operational efficiency and safety that easily justify the additional investment.

Sea surveillance

  • Search and rescue – increase your chances of detecting people in the water to significantly reduce delays and costs.
  • Heavily trafficked seas – navigate more safely in waters with lots of small craft.
  • Piracy detection – reduce the risk of potentially life-threatening situations with real-time automatic tracking of small, fast-moving craft to give more time to request assistance

Land surveillance

  • Port surveillance – monitor smugglers and small craft exceeding speed limits or entering prohibited areas with real-time automatic tracking to improve efficiency.
  • Critical infrastructure monitoring – safeguard against potential threats to power plants, wind farms, oil rigs, naval and ferry ports.

Aerial surveillance

  • Helicopter detection – guide pilots to land on board in emergency medical situations or during bad weather.
  • Drone detection – protect privacy against drones taking video footage.

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