VisionMaster FT 250

VisionMaster FT 250

The VisionMaster FT 250 Tabletop Radar and Chart Radar display has been enhanced, retaining its very compact format.It benefits from the latest SperryMarine VisionMaster software, with the latest Intel integrated processor and is now equipped with a 120GB SSD drive which allows seamless loading of S57 and S63 compliant charts. The VMFT 250’s unique small footprint is the ideal Plug & Play radar solution, allowing installation into wheelhouses with small mechanical constraints. From fishing vessels to police boats, the VMFT 250 is your ideal small & medium sized vessel solution.

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Available system configurations:

  • Enhanced CAT 2 (ECAT 2) Radar
  • Chart Radar
  • ECDIS and ECDIS with Radar overlay
  • TotalWatch (multi-function)
  • Seamless integration of all available configurations for improved watch keeping
  • Comprehensive range of tools and features for the navigator
  • Simple user interface – identical in all available configurations
  • Target tracking capability of 100 radar targets and 240 AIS targets (similar to CAT 1)
  • Fully Type Approved to the International Standards of IEC 62388 and IEC 62288

The VisionMaster FT 250 Radar and Chart Radar displays are available with a full range of SperryMarine VisionMaster FT range of X-Band and S-Band antennas and transceiver configurations.

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