Tron 40S MkII is a manual and float-free EPIRB. Tron 40S MkII complies with IMO/SOLAS/GMDSS regulations and is MED and FCC approved. Tron 40S MkII package is a Category 1 EPIRB (Cat. I)The purpose of the Tron 40S MkII is to give a primary alarm to the search and rescue authorities. The EPIRB gives an immediate alarm when activated, transmitting the ID of the ship in distress. Care must be taken not to activate the EPIRB unless in an emergency situation, in such cases the user will be held responsible. For periodic testing, a test function is implemented. During the test cycle, the EPIRB does a self-test on the transmitters and on the battery status. No emergency signal is transmitted during the self-test. The battery of the EPIRB will last for at least 48 hours from the activation of the EPIRB.

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Tron 40S MkII EPIRB Heating Bracket

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