TDU 107 is a preprogrammed touch screen solution for connection to DEIF’s AGC-4 Mk II controllers.

The display provides user-friendly touch screen control, visualisations and graphical overviews that are easily readable even at sharp angles.

Combines both an HMI display and 6 AOP (Additional Operator Panel) on one device. Easy to use icon driven HMI providing fast access and configurable instrument pages.

The TDU 107 is available in two versions:

TDU 107 Core
Operating temperature 0ºC to 50ºC
1 ethernet port for connection to the controller

TDU 107 Extended
Operating temperature -20ºC to 60º C True glass front
Robust aluminium housing
2 bridged Ethernet ports for connection to the controller
Remote access (via VNC connection)

Select Quantity:

Plug and play
Build in AOP (additional operators panel) customization buttons and status lamps
Quick instrument selection directly from the screen
Tier 4 Final support with automatic jump to dedicated Tier 4 page
Visual capability curve with actual working point of the genset
Easy search functionality in several menus
Live application supervision
Possibility to merge alarm and event logs
Service menu with estimated date for next service
Live I/O overview

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