Powerful, fast and compact, the TAS units in DEIF’s transducer range measure sinusoidal alternating voltage and/or current signal and provide output signal as direct current or voltage signal proportional to measurements for PLCs, PCs, microprocessor control, indicators, alarm units etc.

TAS transducers are micro-controller-based with one analogue output for measurement of voltage, current, frequency and phase angle on an AC network. Because these transducers have no mechanical parts like potentiometers, the calibration stability is excellent.

TAS transducers can be delivered pre-configured to set measuring values and ranges or un-configured for customer configuration using DEIF’s free PC tool.

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Factory-configured transducer for voltage, current, frequency or phase angle measurement
Aux supply: from 57 to 690 V AC
Aux supply: 24 to 220 V DC
Class 0.5 measurement
Supply and measuring voltage up to 690 V
Pre-configuration or easy PC tool configuration
Configurable up to three output slopes.

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