TAIYO EXU-61A replacement: Mounting plate with Automatic Voltage Regulator KTX20 and CT’s. HS code: 8535 21 00 90 Country of origin: The Netherlands

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EMRI has designed and produced the same product as the TAIYO EXU 61A only with more options and functions.

The EMRI EXU-61A is better than the original TAIYO EXU 61A in every way and replaces it completely.
– The EMRI EXU-61A we offer at a very attractive price;
– The EMRI EXU-61A has the same mounting points as the original TAIYO EXU 61A;
– The EMRI EXU-61A is easy to install and connect;
– The EMRI EXU-61A has a 2x longer life expectancy;
– The EMRI EXU-61A is more robust and therefore more resistant to vibration etc.

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