TabletBridge displays key navigational information away from fixed positions even in harsh environmental conditions of open bridge wings, without the need for expensive outdoor fixed terminals. It provides key conning information to the mariner, especially during critical docking operations, to improve real-time decision making, operational safety and efficiency for your fleet.

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Key Features include:

  • Portability
    Provides navigators and key bridge personnel access to real-time navigational information, no wires attached, allowing them to position themselves more effectively during maneuvers.
  • Durability
    The TabletBridge PC is designed for the harsh marine environment – shook proof and water resistant.
  • Flexibility
    The 1000 nits display brightness allows use under every condition, even direct sunlight.
  • Cyber Security
    Data integrity, confidentiality and service availability is assured by Sperry Marine’s highest cyber standards.
  • Simple Installation
    Easy integration with existing Sperry Marine and 3rd party bridge systems.

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