Steering control system – STCS_5000_brochure

Being the manufacturer of ships maneuvering control systems, Navis has been producing the steering control systems since 2002 year. Despite the seeming simplicity of the system, we used an experience in ship motion controlling to create the new generation of rudder control system. It enabled us to create an adaptive and intelligent steering gear control system.The intelligent automation of the system monitors the running status of crucial elements and makes decision independently to fix a fault, for example, by starting an auxiliary steering gear pump or switching to a backup control unit. The adaptivity nature of the STCS5000 checks an operating efficiency of a steering gear and, if necessary, corrects itself the rudder turning algorithms for better performance of a gear without operator involvement. The PLUG-AND-PLAY system is supplied as pre-configured and tuned on the factory, so you only need to connect the devices with cables without any calibrations and adjustments onboard.

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  • Fast installation
  • Real redundancy
  • Easy alignment on a bridge
  • Rational integration
  • Network architecture provides
  • Easy NavAP integration
  • Save your time.