Easy to operate and configure, DEIF’s PPU-3 control and protection unit is an ideal controller for PLC-based power management systems. Apart from generator protection and synchronization, the PPU-3 also features regulation modes including load sharing, fixed power, fixed frequency, etc. Serial communication enables easy interfacing with PLCs, SCADA systems, and more, and the unit features all necessary three-phase measuring circuits, displaying all values and alarms on a quality LCD screen. Turning the PPU-3 into an engine control unit featuring start/stop and protection functionalities, the optional engine interface card also has a separate power supply and an independent microprocessor. In cases of PPU-3 processor breakdowns, the engine interface card will enter into backup mode and ensure uninterrupted engine supervision. In cases of shutdown alarms, the engine shuts down automatically, making it a reliable solution for the control and supervision of marine gensets.

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  • Internal system supervision
  • Engine control, monitoring, and protection
  • 3-phase generator protections
  • Automatic synchronization
  • Load sharing
  • Internal CAN bus and analog load-share line
  • Multiple display units and multiple Additional Operator Panels (AOPs)
  • RS-485 and TCP/IP Modbus communication ports
  • Interface to the DEIF advanced graphical touch screen AGI
  • CAN bus port for J1939 engine supervision
  • Alarm and event log
  • USB port for service software
  • Up to 690 V AC direct AC inputs

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