Passage Manager

Passage Manager

Passage Manager allows shore side team to perform in depth appraisals and plan ECDIS-compliant routes that are as safe, timely and accurate as possible. By simply entering voyage details, including time and port of departure and port of arrival, the solution visually presents the optimal track, complete with a detailed way points table. Users can then modify and tweak routes, to understand and visualize how varying circumstance will affect their journey.

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In addition to our own AIS tracking service, FleetManager is also compatible with third-party platforms, which enables it to display your vessel positions from your tracking provider via an API. Other features include:

  • Operational efficiency
    Automated communication and real-time updates.
  • Fleet visibility
    Track vessel positions and movements of fleet against
  • passage plans
    Emergency assistance
    Deliver active assistance by enabling shore side teams to see what the vessel sees.
  • Outfit management
    Visibility and control over each vessel’s outfit.

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