Type Approved by GL, RMRS & CCS for full compliance with IMO Resolution MSC. 128(75) & IEC 62616 (GL), the Navitron NT990 BNWAS is available as a basic system to operate proprietary alarm units etc. (if appropriate) or, as an expanded system complete with selector units, remote resets including movement detectors and individual cabin and / or crew call audible alarms. The resultant alarm system provides a regulation safety monitor requiring regular acknowledgement (Reset) by the duty watch personnel at selectable time intervals between 3 and 12 minutes.

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Features include: 

  • Work Mode Selectable:-
    (Permanently ‘ON’, Permanently ‘OFF’ or Automatic ‘AUTO’)
  • Time Selectable:-
    (3 mins to 12 mins in 1 min steps confirmed by LED display)
  • Keyswitch Security Protected:-
    (Work Mode and Time change by key holder only)
  • Alarm Status Displays:-
    (All Alarm stages LED displayed)
  • Fail Alarm Status Displays:-
    (All failure modes LED displayed)
  • Remote Alarm Unit Facilities:-
    (All Alarm stages accompanied by voltfree closing contact)
  • Emergency Call Facility:-
    (Immediate Officer assistance request signaled)

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