The Navitron NT951G is a powerfully equipped and technologically advanced Autopilot ‘wheel marked’ in accordance with MED 96/98/EC and Fully Type Approved to latest IMO and ISO specifications  for the professional use on Magnetic and/or Gyro based commercial vessels of all types to approximately 2000 gross registered tonnes. Fully programmable to provide optimum installation flexibility and final seagoing performance, the NT951G Autopilot is also simple to operate via a clearly defined ‘push and rotate’ Heading selector supplemented by +1°/-1° keys for fine course adjustment use when appropriate. Programmable Rate of Turn (ROT) allows the maximum safe ROT to be stored in memory at installation and is operator variable during normal operation up to the maximum safe level stored.

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Features Incude: 

  • Dual Mag Inputs: –
    Sensor Coil and/or NMEA.
  • Dual Gyro Inputs: –
    1:1 Synchro and/or NMEA.
  • Programmable Rate of Turn : –
  • Off Course Alarm: –
  • Automatic Stability : –
    Monitors Rudder speed.
  • Heading & VDR Outputs: –
    NMEA, Step by Step and Furuno heading. $HTD & $RSA VDR.

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