NavJP – Joystick Control System

The NavJP is our latest Joystick control system combines comprehensive performance with state-of-the-art design and compact system structure. The system been specifically designed for leisure boats and work boat applications when free maneuvering in limited space is required, to simplify maneuvering control of the boats with complicated propulsion configurations. This achieves by using 3-axis joystick for manual maneuvering and at the same tie with the wide range of automatic functions and modes (such as Auto Heading keeping, Hold Position, Anchor Assist and etc.). Please note that the system is not intended for use on any DP (Dynamic Positioning) classed vessel as an approved solution for dynamic positioning. In such a case, the range of Navis NavDP4000 series products has to be considered.

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  • The system is easy to learn and operate
  • Not limited with vessel’s displacement and dimensions
  • Not limited with propulsion vendor
  • Not limited with propulsion type
  • Type approved autopilot inside
  • Precise ship dynamics algorithms used are among the best in the market
  • Several hardware configurations are available.