The NAVIGAT 3500 fiber optic gyro compass model has a clear advantage over spinning mass gyro compass models as it has no moving parts, no maintenance during service life, high dynamic accuracy, no north speed error, a short settling time and output for roll and pitch. Safety is increased as a result of the high dynamic accuracy associated with the lack of north speed error. This is particularly valuable for high-speed craft at high latitudes during frequent maneuvers.

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Standard Features:

Standard NAVIGAT 3500 CompassNet features include the provision of roll and pitch data, x/y/ rates and heave in addition to heading information, with an initial settling time of 5 minutes and fine settling within a maximum of additional 25 minutes. The FOG sensor’s solid state nature is unaffected to speed / latitude error and integrated with CompassNet provides 12 serial interfaces for heading repeaters plus 6 serial interfaces for heading receivers and analogue outputs. The NAVIGAT 3500 is fully integrated with our redundant CompassNet Heading Management System. The open platform approach, that allows integration of up to four heading sensors, provides the option to integrate legacy products like NAVIGAT 2200, NAVIGAT 3000 or NAVIGAT X MK1 in combination with NAVIGAT 3500. In addition, it is possible to integrate third party heading sensors with standard serial NMEA-0183 interface.

Easy Onboard Installation

The NAVIGAT 3500 is a small size and low weight unit and its standard installation tray provides for easy and flexible onboard installation. Due to the network approach of NAVIGAT 3500 CompassNet, the system installation time can be reduced up to 50% in comparison to legacy configurations or third party systems and in addition saves up to 80% of wiring. Following the full integration approach, the system will be set up through one common User Interface Device, the NAVITWIN V CDU, which reduces the commissioning effort further.

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