NavDP4000 Series

Since the first experience of the company founders in early 1980s in the area of the automatic control system for hovercraft, type of the ships with much faster dynamics comparing to majority of the offshore vessels we keep our focus on area of controlling vessel motion. Library of more than 100 six-degrees-of-freedom mathematical models of vessels was created during next decades and now is used in training centers all over the world as a part of full mission ship handling simulator by one of the world’s leader in this area. This experience and fundamental knowledge of the subject was the base for the successful launch of the first DP system in the year of 2000. More than 600 DP systems now serve our customers on board of the ships in major oil and gas offshore development areas. Besides the offshore area we propose DP systems for variety type of ships in many other segments of marine industry.

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  • The fastest algorithms on the market
  • Custom control modes even for single ship
  • The simplest user interface
  • The most compact system on the market
  • Reliability and unique stability
  • Smooth vessel control in rapidly changing environment and in case of various actuator faults
  • Set of fuel saving modes
  • Transparent and predictable cost of system ownership