Versatile and intuitive, DEIF’s multi-instrument MIC-2 MKII DIN is perfectly suited for monitoring and analysis of all types of power systems and fitted for DIN rail mounting.

The MIC-2 MKII DIN helps you optimise your energy system. Capable of logging all applications from single low voltage to multiple high voltage applications, the sturdy unit completes your SCADA system overview.

A microprocessor-based measuring unit for most electrical quantities on 2-phase or 3-phase electric energy distribution networks, readings are transferred via Modbus or Profibus communication to your SCADA system.

Fitted with the Ethernet TCP/IP module, the unit offers direct access to Modbus data and is easy to access remotely via standard browsers.

Select Quantity:

Measures voltage, current/active/reactive and apparent power, frequency, energy kWh/kvarh, PF, THD, demand
For all 2- and 3-phase AC network typologies
Suitable for Power quality analysis
Measures Individual Harmonics from 2nd to 63rd
Min./max. statistic with time stamp
Customized alarm settings with 16 different parameters
RS-485 Modbus communication
Large LCD screen with white back-light
Optional communication modules – Ethernet (Modbus TCP, HTTP, SMTP) – Profibus DP
Optional I/O modules – Relay – Analogue I/O – Digital I/O
Free utility software with data logging
Type approvals from all major classification societies

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