The EMRI LXCOS voltage regulator is designed as the improved successor voltage regulator for AvK Cosimat N and Cosimat N+, with at least the same standard functionalities. The LXCOS is a digital voltage regulator, and therefore offers optimal flexibility and adjustability, which is reflected in the additional capabilities of the LXCOS. Nevertheless, installation, maintenance and operation of the voltage regulator requires no special software.

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The LXCOS is the best alternative for the original Cosimat N+
– The LXCOS have a very attractive price;
– The LXCOS has the same mounting points as the A. van Kaick Cosimat N+;
– The LXCOS is easy to put on and connect;
– The LXCOS has more features than the AvK Cosimat N+;
– The LXCOS has a double life expectancy;
– The LXCOS is more robust and more resistant to vibration;
– The LXCOS is Lloyd’s approved.

Selectable mode of Operation:
– Volt per Hertz control
– Constant voltage control
– Power factor control
– 0-100% current control
– 0-100% generator voltage control
– Raise / lower control
– Quadrature voltage droop for parallel operation

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