Providing accurate information to authorities in time-limited situations is an essential requirement for mariners. Omissions in information and delays in time taken to provide these can lead to penalties and, in some cases, can impact the basic operation of a vessel. Record books are an essential part of working life onboard. The time taken to complete paper logbooks can be vast. This data is held onboard for years and sharing them with shore-side teams can be difficult. Further to this, paper logbooks cannot be easily analysed or understood by shore-side teams, preventing them from properly planning and building in efficiencies.

Select Quantity:

  • Compliance
    Log and demonstrate compliance with accuracy and ease.
  • Record book management
    Access and manage electronic record books, such as where a vessel discharges, its waste management, air emissions or bilge management.
  • Performance management
    Analyse trends, compare vessels and set benchmarks.
  • Instant access
    Operational and management teams have instant access to log entries across their entire fleet.
  • Remote auditing
    Shoreside staff can remotely audit any record book at any time through Fleet Manager.
  • Accuracy
    Elimination of missing entries and reduction of incorrect entries.

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