The GPU 300 Generator Protection Unit is designed for marine use. Each controller contains all the functions that are needed to protect electrical equipment with a breaker, for example, a diesel generator, a busbar, or a motor. Each controller includes processor technology and high speed internal communication to provide fast protection functions. The controller design is modular. Processor, communication, measurement, and input/output hardware modules may be replaced or added in the field. The controller automatically recognizes the new hardware modules. The controller display unit color graphic screen allows fast access to live data. The operator can use the screen to manage alarms. With the right authorization, the operator can also check and/or change the I/O and parameter configuration. The light indicators of the display unit are visible over a long distance. The display processor can display all languages.

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  • Comprehensive generator/busbar protection
  • Smart synchronization check
  • Supervision
  • High resolution 5″ color graphic display with push bottoms
  • Flexible and modular input/output with metal rack
  • Plug & play, auto-configure I/O modules, and network
  • Integrated 5 × RJ45 ports with auto-detected multi-function
  • Access to all connected units in one point
  • Context-sensitive help in the controller display unit
  • Event and alarm log, with real-time clock
  • Pre-defined control settings
  • User-friendly logic configuration tool, based on ladder logic and function blocks with monitor operation.

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