GPU – 3

Easy to operate and configure, DEIF’s Generator Protection Unit (GPU-3 Gas) is an ideal controller for PLC-based power management systems. The GPU-3 Gas offers comprehensive generator protection and synchronization. Serial communication enables easy interfacing with PLCs, SCADA systems, and more, and the unit features all necessary 3-phase measuring circuits and displays all values and alarms on a quality LCD screen. For start/stop and protection functionalities, add the GPU-3 Gas engine control option, an engine interface card with a separate power supply, and an independent microprocessor. In cases of GPU-3 Gas main processor failure, the engine interface card will activate its back-up mode to ensure uninterrupted engine supervision and automatic engine shutdown in case of shutdown alarm.

Select Quantity:

  • Generator/busbar protection
  • Synchronization
  • Multiple display units and operator panels possible
  • Engine control and communication.

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