GPC – 3

The GPC-3 is a highly versatile and compact generator paralleling controller designed for engineers who prefer to carry out application programming in a PLC.

A multi-function component, the GPC-3 features protection, measurements, engine control and engine protection and communicates with all PLC and SCADA systems. Values and alarms are displayed on a large LCD screen.

Its simplicity and logic makes it the ideal controller for PLC-based power management systems.

The M-Logic configuration tool makes it possible to customise the application and dedicate specific functions or logic conditions to different inputs and outputs.

GPC-3 is easily compatible with additional display units and Additional Operator Panels (AOPs) for remote control, supervision and status indication.

Select Quantity:

Synchronization/Load sharing
Mains/Generator/Engine protection
Programmable logic (M-Logic)
Engine protection with back-up on shut-down channels
Governor and AVR control
J1939 engine com/mirrored Modbus/Profibus/TCP/IP
Multiple display units
Additional Operator Panels
Genset and busbar control and protection.

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