delomatic – 4

delomatic – 4

DEIF’s Delomatic 4 Marine is a state-of-the-art multi-function PMS control system engineered to fit your specifications.

An ideal solution for applications that require large numbers of inputs with extra logic or increased flexibility for systems with large numbers of tie breakers, Delomatic 4 Marine can also be adapted for emergency generator control.

In spite of its complexity and comprehensive functionality, the Delomatic 4 Marine system has been designed for fast and easy installation, and DEIF offers market-leading support before, during and after commissioning and factory acceptance tests (FAT).

It communicates easily with other systems and with the optional graphical user interface as well as its operators. The Delomatic has a multitude of different functionality levels available for your specific application.

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Internal system supervision
Engine control, monitoring and protection
3-phase generator protections
Automatic synchronization
Load sharing
Dual ARCnet bus communication lines for redundancy
Multiple display units and multiple Advanced Operator Panels
Interface to the DEIF advanced graphical touch screen AGI
2 × Integrated RS-485 Modbus communication port
2 × CAN bus port for J1939 engine supervision, CANopen
USB port for service software
Up to 690 V AC direct AC inputs

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