The newest CODESYS V3 enables easy programming through all IEC 61131-3-supported languages. A search functionality automatically locates all AWC 500 modules connected to the EtherCat bus system. Predefined application modules offer a very easy access to communication interfaces and peripherals. The advanced debugging interface gives complete control of all internal variables without the need for any additional tools. It is easy to set up and use the trace function to monitor time series of selected variables in the application.

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Features include: 

  • CODESYS-based (compliant with other PLCs. Programmes based on CODESYS V2)
  • Integrated HMI/Web visualization
  • Graphical PLC configuration
  • Online debugging
  • Multilanguage programming editor (Unicode support) and help in Chinese, German, and English
  • Monitoring of all variables • Writing and forcing of receipts (sets of variables) into the PLC
  • Debugging your complete project (breakpoints, stepping, single cycle, call stack))
  • Interrupt-free online changes of POUs and data
  • Sampling trace
  • Library management for user-defined libraries
  • Offline simulation • Graphic PLC configuration
  • OPC Server.

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