CIS Talk-Back System

CIS Talk-Back System

CIS Talk-Back System comes from the Phontech range of product acquired from Jotron by Zenitel in October 2018. Its design is very compact, and the performance is enhanced through the use of microprocessor techniques. It is designed according to DIN 144 standard sizes, harmonizing with our other models for console mounting.

The CIS 3100 incorporates master stations (type P-3100 (5 lines), type P-3101 (10 lines) and type P-3102 (20 lines), together with a number of 9000 series substations. The CIS 3130 incorporates master station type P-3130, 1-4 remote stations type P-3131/P-3132, and up to 15 substations from the standard range.

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Console Mounted, 24V DC, 5 Lines

  • Bridge wings extension
  • All-call audio input (0dBm/5mV)
  • Integrated loudspeaker
  • Integrated separate microphone
  • Volume control in front
  • All-call facility
  • ”Signal” and ”Talk” keys
  • Extra signal output lines 1-4
  • Connection for gooseneck or handheld microphone
  • Connection for extra loudspeaker

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