ASC – 4

Serving as a link between photovoltaic (PV) power plants and Genset power plants, DEIF’s Automatic Sustainable Controller (ASC Plant Management) is a safe and reliable control solution for PV/Genset hybrid plants.

Stand-alone and Power Management applications- In stand-alone applications, the ASC Plant Management knows little about the surrounding environment in which it is placed. Based on transducer power readings and hardwired feedback alone, the ASC Plant Management determines the PV plant power references. This approach is applicable for integrating PV power in already commissioned Genset plants with or without DEIF controllers. Stand-alone applications support applications containing up to six gensets. The DEIF Power Management system fully integrates the PV plant and the Genset plant into a unity. The ASC Plant Management is connected to the CAN bus constituting the internal DEIF Power Management communication link. This requires your Genset plant to be equipped with AGC Plant Management controllers from DEIF.

Maximizing PV penetration- The ASC Plant Management automatically maximizes PV penetration in all operation modes according to the total Genset/PV hybrid’s load demand without compromising constraints such as minimum Genset load demand

Select Quantity:

  • Automatic shift between grid forming/following operation
  • Charging/discharging
  • Power Conversion System (PCS) control
  • Batter Management System (BMS) monitoring
  • Control of breaker
  • Simple graphical configuration
  • Record time commissioning with DEIF Emulation
  • uses and verifies the functions of the real system for test, production, and design
  • Suitable for power management solutions fitted with AGC-4 or AGC 150 Genset controllers suitable for stand-alone solutions using multi-instruments such as DEIF’s MIB or MIC

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