The AMC 300 is designed to get the job done, even in harsh conditions. Fully functional from -40 °C, the controller can start-up by self-heating and control and do surveillance of auxiliary equipment from this extreme temperature. The base-mounted rack and sturdy metal cabinet give it superior bump, 50G shock, and vibration resistance properties during operation and transportation. For example, the rack is mounted with a large screw on the switchboard’s back plate, so that the unit cannot fall off the DIN rails after transportation. The flanges ensure improved grounding, increasing protection against electrical disturbances. The backplane interconnection of the I/O modules ensures reliable communication in harsh environments. Built-in components provide efficient protection of power supply and I/O circuits against lightning impacts. The AMC 300 is immune to ESD bursts at a level conforming to international standards, reducing the risk of damaged terminals.

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  • Fully production tested control system units
  • Designed for a lifetime no less than 10 years @ 40 ºC
  • Suitable for Offshore, Marine and near shore environments
  • Superior robustness to vibrations, bumps and shocks
  • Better ESD protection, Surge protection of I/O and Power supply
  • Operating system software with fail-safe update
  • DEIF In-house maintained OS
  • Real-time Patched Linux
  • Discover the device via hostname (mDNS services)
  • Web based configuration
  • Simplified update procedures (no special tools, same for OS and firmware)
  • Secured Certificated based access by standard protocols
  • Customer manages all users, rights and credentials
  • Network config on build-in 5 port switch (VLANs)
  • Network Time protocol support as both Client and Server
  • Fail-safe system software start up with two OS images (active and fault-back)
  • Fault-tolerant file system
  • Open software development with Linux, CODESYS V3 (IEC 61131-3)
  • Regular updates to newest CODESYS V3.5 Service Packs
  • Modbus TCP Client and Server library
  • OPC UA Server (Open62541) library

Core specifications:

  • Cold start-up/Operating temperature: -40 to 70 °C
  • Storage temperature: -40 to 85 °C
  • Climate: 55 °C 97 % RH condensing
  • Altitude: < 4000 m
  • Vibration : 2.1 g (3.2 to 50 Hz) 1.0g (13.2 to 100 Hz)
  • Shock: 50 g, 11 ms, half sine
  • Bump: 25 g, 6 ms, half sine

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