The AGC 150 Hybrid is designed for the protection and control of a hybrid installation with PV energy and Genset. The AGC 150 Hybrid comes with all the necessary functions for the protection and control of a hybrid installation with PV and Genset. The controller is ideal for small and medium PV plants with up to 16 inverters, e.g. rooftop PV plants. When mounted on the Genset, the AGC 150 Hybrid controls the PV power and functions as a dedicated hybrid controller. The AGC 150 can also be applied as a stand-alone controller, interlinking the PV inverters and Genset controller. The AGC 150 Hybrid controls up to 2 Genset for synchronizing or non-synchronizing projects, in islands or parallel to the mains modes. The AGC 150 Hybrid handles the power production from the PV inverters and Genset to give the highest PV penetration and the lowest CO2 emission.

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  • Minimum genset load
  • Eliminate the risk of reverse power caused by low load
  • Perfect for Rooftop installations
  • Rebuild your genset with AGC 150 benefits and get PV for free
  • Load calculation in terms of solar power
  • Automatic genset start/stop
  • Based on threshold setpoints for PV production and mains import/export PV included in modes
  • MPE (Mains power export/import), AMF (Automatic mains failure), LTO (Load take-over), Fixed power, and Peak Shaving
  • PV inverter communication support
  • Support of more PV inverter communication protocols, including Sunspec
  • Mains voltage and current measurement
  • One CT/Phase for balanced load
  • PV Power emulation

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